Website Brief

Website Brief


Company Name
Contacts Name
Cell Phone
Office Phone/ext
License Number / Type
Address for site
Phones for site
Email Address for forms
Social Media
Development URL
Live Domain URL
Hosting Info
Project Overview & Goals SEO

Higher Conversions

What are the company’s marketing plans? How do you currently get new customers?  
What other marketing tactics and methods are you currently using and plan to use?  
Do you use any PPC programs, or planning to?
How important are referrals currently?
Do you get repeat business?  
How long to customers stay with you and repeat business with you?  
What are your competitors doing to outcompete with you?
Do you get business from Yelp?
Do you have the staff to write articles?
Company background Year started/in business



Key employees

Mission Statement


Capabilities/services Types of products you can service, equipment/resources used,
Qualifications, Affiliations, Certifications
Company/product benefits
Why Choose Us?
Values?  What do you do that’s different from competitors?  What can you say about your quality, your costs, your speed, delivery options, conveniences, etc.?
What is your warranty / Return policies?
Competitive Sites to review what do you like? what do you like? what do you like?
Company Slogan/Tag line
Audiences for the site
Target Geography Main SEO Target Geo
SEO Keyword Terms
Citation Profile
Link Profile
Review Profile
Design Notes
Needs from client Logo?
Any Marketing Material?
Logins for hosting, registrar?
Setup Hosting
Add us to Google My Business, Google Plus, Facebook, Yelp, etc.
Google Analytics Account Established
Forms for the site Appointment, Request consultation, request info, simple email,
Custom Development Needs 301 plugin for review links /google /yelp, etc?
Mobile Buttons Call
Quote Request
  • Home
    • Hero: 5-9 word Headline
    • Who Are We? Top 3 Unique Items, More Link
    • Why Choose Us?
    • Call to Action: Name, Address, Hours, Payment Options, Map, Etc
    • Services Offered
    • Specials
    • Reviews
    • Blog
  • About
    • Company Profile
      • Year Established
      • Owner profile, why and when started
      • Values
      • Capabilities
      • Affiliations
      • Certifications
      • Memberships
    • Why Choose
      • Long Established
      • Licensed, Insured and Bonded
      • Higher quality
      • Faster Speed
      • Better qualified
      • Etc
    • Meet our people:
      • Owner:
      • Manager:
    • Financing
    • Privacy Policy
  • Products/services
    • Service 1
  • Photo Gallery
  • Projects
  • Appointment or request info form page
  • Contact: Include map and email form?
  • Reviews ( Get from Yelp, GMB, etc.)
  • Specials
  • Employment
  • Blog